Training In Thailand: Living the Fighter’s Life

I walked into King Power, a new duty-free shopping mall in Phuket and it suddenly hit me, I can’t afford anything here. This is a sharp contrast to the same point last year where I could have walked in and picked up whatever I wanted without any worries about price.

Now I have to watch every baht and be accountable for all my spending. I have a daily and weekly budget which is something I have never had before in my life.

I have learned about taking responsibility not just of my finances but of every other aspect of my life. Been responsible for my training, how and when I train so as to get the most out of every session. 

If you have been following this blog for a while then you are aware of my love of all things sweet and delicious. As a fighter the fuel that goes into your body is of up most importance. My diet is pretty clean, largely thanks to Noi at the Phuket Top Team on site restaurant but I still indulge during the weekend. It’s all balanced meals twice a day during the week and I eat no meat, only vegetables every other day. 

I love nothing more than going to the weekend night market just for mango sticky rice, banana cakes and donuts. And of course I have to have an Oreo or 10. Hey! Life is all about balance! 

Sleep is another thing that is become vital. I nap for about 2 hours in between morning and afternoon training. I always felt great after a quick afternoon nap when I was living in Saudi Arabia so I decided to keep up that tradition. I try to get a least 8 hours sleep every night.

Supplements have also become an important part of my life. I take multivitamin, garlic tablet to help prevent infections, ginger tablets, tumeric tablet for inflammation, fish oil for joints, ZMA, Maca root for circulation, ginseng and ginko for energy and recently protein powder and BCAA (I have been left a few containers by friends when they were leaving Phuket). OMG! Just realised I take a lot of shit! 

When I am not training, I watching fights, technique videos, fight analysis videos or listening to podcasts. The great thing about living in Phuket is that I can escape to the beach or some lovely part of this tropical paradise. I love exploring the island. I always discover something new and interesting.

It is true what they say, injuries are a part of the fight game. You always pick.up little injuries and are rarely 100% healthy.

You get to meet amazing people who share the same passion and have similar drive and ambition.

The fighter lifestyle mostly involves training, eating, sleeping, been broke and more training and I absolutely love it!!!


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