Phuket Vegetarian Festival

The Phuket vegetarian festival is held every year by the Chinese Thai community on the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. People observing this rite eat a vegetarian or vegan diet for 10 days. This is supposed to cleanse the body and spirit. Sacred rituals are performed at various Chinese shrines and temples and it’s supposed to bring good fortune. There are displays and performances such as people walking barefooted on hot coal, climbing ladders with bladed rungs and strangest of all, walking down the street with all sorts of things pierced through their faces. Supposedly the vegan diet … Continue reading Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Training In Thailand: Perfect Sunday

After a messy (things got a bit lionel) Saturday night, Panda, Dan and myself decided to go exploring. We drove out to the Panwa area to visit Ton Ao Yon waterfall. The waterfall has 5 sections. Dressed in flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt, we were definitely ill prepared for the hike. We managed to get to the third section then decided to turn back. I will go back there again at some point to complete trail. I lost my footing on the decent but just about managed to save myself from falling flat on my ass. The way I … Continue reading Training In Thailand: Perfect Sunday

Training In Thailand: My Favourite Training Tool

There are a lot of training equipment at Top team but my favourite by far is this; By now you are aware of how much i hate running. I will rather jump rope for an hour than run for 10 minutes. I have been doing a lot of skipping instead of jogging since arriving in Phuket. I had never seen a skipping rope like this before coming to Thailand. It is made of a thick rubber tube with wooden handles. The thick tube adds some extra weight so you feel a burn in your biceps and forearms. So not only … Continue reading Training In Thailand: My Favourite Training Tool

Training In Thailand: The Arrival Part 1

Aftet only an hours drive I was already at Bahrain airport. This is journey which usually takes 2-3 hours due the monstrous traffic on the King Fahad causeway. Last night however there was barely a car in sight. It must be because it is Ramadan. Now a 3 hour wait till my flight. This is my least favourite aspect of travelling. I kept myself entertained watching the luggage wrap guy do his work. He seemed to be having fun. At one point he unsuccessfully tried to join 2 different sized and shaped bags together. The flight was uneventful.  First a … Continue reading Training In Thailand: The Arrival Part 1

Training For Thailand: Hands Up Abdullah

Half way through warm up last night, the gyn door opened and a young lad walked through followed by a man dressed in professional Saudi attire. The lad was wearing match green venom rashguard and shorts and carrying a huge sports bag. This caught my attention because with the exception of myself, nobody at Samurai trains in a rashguard. I have taken to wearing a t-shirt over my¬† rashguard in an effort to fit in. The lad put his big bag down and joined us. Coach went to talk to the professionally dressed gentleman as we stretched. Coach Mohammed demonstrated … Continue reading Training For Thailand: Hands Up Abdullah