Training In Thailand: Fight Number 2

The bell sounded, signalling the end up of the 1st round. A perfect round, exactly as I had imagined. Fight out of a southpaw stance, throw side and front kicks, jab+straight+hook. Not too many kicks because you have one broken and one dislocated toe but try to hit him with a front snap kick to the face. The second round was supposed to be me landing jabs, hooks followed by knees. Teeps to pin him on the ropes then finish him with a jumping knee. I somehow found myself engaged in a slugfest at his request and swinging punches with … Continue reading Training In Thailand: Fight Number 2

Training In Thailand: Fight Confirmed

I haven’t fought since November due to various reasons. I was talking to my friend on Sunday night about possibly only focusing on grappling for a while as I will be competing at a no-gi event been hosted at AKA Thailand in April then the Bangkok Open, a gi competition in May. Someone  up there must have heard our conversation because I showed up for Monday morning muay thai and big boss Kann told me I was fighting on the 23rd. That was a week ago. Today is Tuesday so I fight tomorrow night at Bangla boxing stadium in Patong. … Continue reading Training In Thailand: Fight Confirmed

Training In Thailand: Practise what you teach

A lot of muaythai trainers teach you techniques which either they themselves don’t do in a fight. A trainer may ask you to lean back to evade a high kick but then you watch the same trainer fight and all he does is catch high kicks on his arm. Why is he not leaning back? My trainer Fahsitan aka Kru Lek invited me to watch him fight last Thursday at Patong boxing stadium. Although he speaks very little English and I very little Thai, we seem to get along really well.   I arrived at Patong boxing stadium (not bangla) … Continue reading Training In Thailand: Practise what you teach

Golden Era Fighter of the Week

This week’s fighter is: Samart Payakaroon Samart is considered the greatest muaythai fighter of all time. A 4 time Lumpinee champion at 4 different weight classes and the winner of numerous awards. He also fought Western boxing bouts. Fight record Total 150 Wins    129 By knockout 30 Losses 19 Draws    2 Samart has an interesting fighting style. Great boxing, elusive and difficult to hit. This is demonstrated in a highlight reel knockout of an opponent whom he made miss about 14 punches in a row then proceeded to knock him out immediately with a straight left. What I … Continue reading Golden Era Fighter of the Week